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Everything is Tool

Everybody has faults, even the one you look at and think – damn, s/he’s borderline perfect. But that’s okay, that’s what makes us human, so long as the faults don’t outweigh us, maybe even then. It’s so confusing a thing, not much when it’s inside my head, to put into words. The point is that we’re not perfect, nobody is, not by a long shot. That might sound disappointing at first but there is a silver lining. Don’t you see it? It means that we have a vast room for improvements. And if you’re willing, you just can be on that “roller coaster that only goes up, my friend”.

The other day I had a movie to catch at Bashundhara City Star Cineplex and when I got out of home, the streets were unsurprisingly filled with hundreds of vehicles, all standing still. I didn’t want to miss the show so, instead of hopping into a bus that God-knows-when will be able to arrive there, I started walking. So, there I was walking along the street and suddenly this question crossed my mind – Isn’t everything merely a tool?

I find it strange how so many thoughts – stories, ideas, decisions on various matters and whatnots – keep running through my head when I’m walking, or sitting in a bus, alone. In the moment, it all seems vivid, feels so real. But as I stop walking or step out of that bus and start doing some other stuff, most of those thoughts just sort of vanishes, after a while. Yes, some of it do manage to stay there, dormant, and sometimes I even end up acting on those. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes I just wish I didn’t. Like that one time, I met someone and lost touch with afterwards. And now every-freaking-time I pass that street, all those memories keep rushing back in. And I just want to punch something so hard that all of my brain had to focus on my hand only.

Anyway, back to the topic: Everything is Tool. In fact, I think, they are multipurpose ones. Think of it this way – whatever you have, you feel, whatever your situation is – all of them are just tools for you to use them for better or for worse. If you have a hammer in your hand what can you do with it? It can be a tool for you to build something or destroy if you like. And stating the possibility out loud, if you’re out of you mind you can even do severe damage to someone with it including yourself. Or you can do just nothing. And it’s the same with every other things.

Friendship, love, hate, sadness, joy, depression, laziness and whatever else you can think of – they are all tools. E.g., you can use your friendship with somebody to waste your time. Or you can use it to pull yourself up when you feel down. You can absorb all the bad things from your friend or just the good ones, it’s up to you. You hate somebody? Good, use that hatred, channel it and do something worthwhile. You are always depressed? Try to find a way to use that depression in your favour. When you think about it, a lot of famous people did just that. Who knows, maybe you are doing it too without even knowing. Or you can just let it consume you. They are just tools. How you’re going to use those tools depends on you. You can help yourself, harm yourself or do nothing and allow them to occupy valuable spaces of your life.

If you’re in a bad situation, make the best you can out of it. See it as a tool for making yourself better. We’re going to be in bad spots, keep feeling things we desperately want to get rid of, and that is life. Nothing we can do about it. But what we can do is leverage whatever we have in the best way we can think of.

It’s all just an idea, the kind of idea that rides your train of thought when you’re walking along the street alone, one of so many. But when I thought about this one later, it sounded kind of cool. And as I happen to have some free-time, hence this writing.

And here it goes one more time: Everything is Tool.

05:20:34 PM
May 17, 2016