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Stuffs #3

Everything that can happen, happens. It has to end well, and it has to end badly. It has to end every way it can.

There’s a thing call Murphy’s Law. If you haven’t heard about it until now; It’s simply stated as : Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As it goes, scientifically it’s not really a law at all. According to Wikipedia, it’s just an adage or epigram. But I’m not writing about Murphy’s Law here. It just struck me as something to introduce first. I’m gonna write about my weird thoughts about possibilities and whatnots.

Let’s start with ice-cream. You have two flavors of ice-cream in front of you; Say – vanilla and chocolate. One of them is poisoned, you don’t know which. You can eat only one of them. Now, you have two choices, vanilla and chocolate. Think of the possibilities, how many of them are there? I can be wrong, I can always be wrong. But, I think the answer is four. As you don’t know which one is poisoned, either one of them can be. Roughly the possibilities are:

  1. Vanilla (poisoned), you eat vanilla.
  2. Vanilla (poisoned), you eat chocolate.
  3. Chocolate (poisoned), you eat chocolate.
  4. Chocolate (poisoned), you eat vanilla.

The moment you eat one of the ice-creams, one of the possibilities mentioned will come to reality. You’ll taste a certain flavor of ice-cream, and be sick or walk away healthy. But what about the other possibilities? Here comes the concept of Alternate Reality. You could’ve eaten the other flavor or the other flavor could’ve been poisoned. The universe we live in, it’s our reality. Say, there’s another universe and another version of you in it. While you decided to eat the vanilla flavor, the other-you decided to do the opposite. While you ate the good one, the other-you ate the poisoned one. If we can imagine, another universe, why not four? So, for every possible choices you can make, there’s an universe out there with you in it making that choice. This is the concept called Parallel Universe or Alternate Reality or Multiverse. This was just for a simple incident of choosing ice-cream flavor. Think about the whole life, about the infinite possibilities it can hold within. All the people in this universe, all the things and all the possibilities, how many universe do you think will it take to entertain them all? Infinite. There are infinite universes for the infinite possibilities. In our reality, we see only one of them happening. But the other possibilities, they also happen, in some other realities, in some other universes.

When you look at children, what’s the most beautiful thing you see in them? Their smile? Their innocence? You know what I see? All the time they have and all the possibilities waiting ahead for them. That’s the most beautiful thing about children.

At some point of our life we find ourselves running race against time, the one we can’t win. But we keep running and hope that it ends well for us. Bad things happen in life but so do the good ones. Everything that can happen, happens. No point in feeling bad about those. No point in blaming thyself or someone else. Sometimes it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just the way it is, in this reality. If thing turns out to be bad, know that, somewhere out there it’s turned out to be good too. We get older, we make choices. We walk down a very specific path, narrowing the possibilities in life. Every choices we make, we throw away all the other ones. And that’s perfectly alright, after all,

If everything that can happen happens, then you can never really do the wrong thing.

02:51:37 PM
Nov 5, 2015